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Remote Control Rf For Windows 7 & Vista

Remote Control Rf For Windows 7 & Vista

Part Number: ER-V2
Language: IN

Product Details


The RF Remote for Windows 7 & Vista is a sleek and powerful RF remote control designed specifically for use with Windows 7 & Vista's Media Center multimedia software. It provides more range, convenience and flexibility than infrared remotes.

Key Features

  • Range : The RF Remote for Windows Vista provides a range of up to 90 ft (about three times the distance of infrared remotes).
  • Convenience : Unlike an infrared remote, this RF remote does not require line of sight to the RF receiver. This allows you to manage Media Center from more areas within the room or even from other areas of your house.
  • Flexibility : Since the RF signal works through walls and furniture, you have more flexibility in locating the PC that will be used to run Media Center. For example, you can place the PC inside an entertainment center cabinet or within an AV closet and still easily control Media Center with the remote.


  • Windows
    • An available USB port
    • Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate (64-bit) & Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit or 64bit)
    • TV tuner card with FM radio capability required for live TV and radio functionality

System Requirements

  • Controls Media Center in Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Works through walls and furniture
  • For Windows 7 & Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate
  • This remote control is designed specifically for use with Windows Vista Media Center.